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Thursday, August 8, 2013

About Big Dreams, Biz Celebrations, Jealousy and Such.

I have stumbled across some posts about this subject lately, about the struggles to navigate this online world, envy, feelings of inadequacy.

Many people refrain from sharing and celebrating their business successes fearing to arise jealousy and envy in our creative community. I would like to offer my thoughts about this subject, too.

Over the past year or so, I have been receiving in my inbox some emails, that I want to share here with you in their meaning. They are from different persons, and all tell the same- you are such an inspiration to me, you truly have no idea. Seeing your art being licensed to products is so very exciting to me. I'm really hoping to be where you are with your art accomplishments in the near future. Seeing you soar and taking baby steps toward the realization of your dreams surely inspires me greatly. I now know I can do that, too!

This means to me, that if you put your "accomplishments" out there; if you heartily, generously, lovingly, in simplicity, put them out there with the only purpose to not nurture your ego but to cheer others on, to inspire them, to incite them, to pass along abundance instead of blocking it (even just for fear of arising envy)- well, I think it's a very good thing indeed. What I truly and deeply believe is that what we do with love and the purest of heart+ thoughts, has a tremendously positive reflection in this world. It does real good.

I finally managed to practice detachment from the results, they are to me not "accomplishments" but clear signs that I'm doing the right things, that I am walking on the right path meant for me. They show me the way. And the joy I receive perceiving all the positivity that radiates from what I do with all of my heart and passion, surely MUST be expressed. Cannot be blocked. Refraining from celebrating and expressing it, should be like not being grateful, it would diminish the positivity and good and inspiration that I can instead pass on to others sharing my deep joy- not for the "accomplisments" but to be able to do what I love, what I have the given talents to do, what I am "called" innerly and profoundly to do, what keeps me alive.
Shared successes (or I love to call them my "Biz Blessings"), especially in this creative community of ours, which is surely unconventional and doesn't follow the "normal" rules of "more normal" jobs, is vital in my opinion.

I truly hope what I share about my life and career inspires you to spread your wings, and fly courageously in the direction of your dreams! It will be hard work, not always peaches and roses, not that I'm telling the contrary- and you must practice patience, oh yeah. But the beauty of the journey, and the inner joy- believe me, they're totally worth the sweat and tears.

Monica xo


  1. this was so inspiring....."redundant", i know...but TRUE! "merci" for that! I needed to hear those words right now! you are a blessing to us all dear moncia. i delight in your accomplishments! ;)

  2. I love seeing your work and hearing the joy in your words.
    Makes me happy to see others happy.
    I had my little turn of doing ok in the business world..and now years later..I am just happy to watch others glow out there:)
    Ambition was never part of my nature..I just wanted to do my job well and help my clients..while helping at home..
    Journey is done for me..now the journey is sitting still observing..
    Your posts do inspire:)
    For those that sometimes may feel envious..it's a trait that some have..something to work on..
    We are all so different:)

  3. Well said Monica, we can all encourage and cheer each other on in whatever we are doing.

  4. Well said! There are many of us in the world that LOVE art, love DOING art, love creating, period. Some of us just aren't as talented at others, but I really believe everyone has talent... it just take a lot of practicing and practicing, trying and failing, then ultimately learning. And TRUST me, when people are blessed enough to know their true calling, and be able to do that for a living while pursuing their dreams, they should be applauded. I had a very successful career earlier on, and was very ambitious, and loved it (law enforcement, and later work in the State Government in government in Colorado. Well, some people do get jealous, but what of it? I was not stealing their shine, as a matter of fact I helped them with advice and encouragement. I feel that if we are given a gift that we truly know it is a gift, we should help others when asked. If they want to go where you are or where I had been, and I had the "map" why would I not share? There is a lot of fear out there and a lot of stealing of others ideas, even though always not intentional. That's the only shame that I see. You're the navigator, and you help people by sharing your map. AND when you share your successes, you're spreading positivity and hope! What is better than that? You go girl!

    Sheila in Oregon

  5. Yes I believe you are right. I find inspiration from many artists on blogs. What I now need is some idea what to do with my "art" what sells and how so you get it recognized how does that happen, how do you promote your work. I am completely at a loss when it comes to that. Its like when I was in school. My art teacher wanted me to pursue art as a career. I didn't because I had no idea what to do with it. I still dont.

  6. Hello Monica,
    Your blog inspires me.
    I think there wil always be people who copy from other people.
    It says more about them, then of you.
    This is what I say to myself.
    Don't forget there is only one of YOU.

  7. Dear Monica,

    Great post and so well said, thank you for sharing.
    Every day should be a celebration and we should be so happy to see our dreams and the dreams of others come true.
    You are an inspiration to us all.

    Hope you are having a lovely week


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