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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Country Flowers of the Month (July).

July was definitely rich in sunshine, emotions, flowers, colors and fragrances...

You may know that until September, I am living around the Cotswolds in temporary accommodations, patiently waiting for the house that made our heart skip more than one beat to become "our home".
During the month of July, stayed in a little cottage by the wood, and I met two wonderful ladies- one of which, the landlady actually, allowed me to pick her own flowers, whenever I wanted and whatever I wanted, and that was such a gift!
The posies below are some of my favorites I made arranging her flowers and the occasional ones I picked during my country walks (not frequent this past month because of the heat).

I took several shots for my portfolio, and maybe some of them will become greeting cards? Who knows, I'd love for sure to receive a greeting like this! :))

Roses, Campanula persicifolia, Geranium, Valeriana officinalis, feathers. Just put in a jam jar.
Roses were in full bloom all over the month here in the England, because of the unusual season this year... so I picked lots of roses, to arrange simply in a glass jug...

Just a glass jug.

... or to pair with Alchemilla mollis to add a pop of lime green.

Roses, Alchemilla mollis.

Since I had to move so many times, I had to keep the stuff I bring along with me to a minimum. My favorite vase for my country posies is this rusty enamel jug. Such character, it surely adds to the beauty of the flowers!

Rusty, old jug. Lots of these can be found around here for a small amount of money.

I always loved to pick daisies while walking with my Kim during the summer, they remind me of her so much- so I have very strong feelings and emotions when I see wild daisies. Found whole fields of them, literally a sea of white, while strolling around, and of course picked some to bring home.  This bouquet was made with Geranium, a mix of Poaceae, the yellow Hawkweed (Hieracium), similar to dandalions, and the reddish spikes of Red Dock (Rumex acetosella).

Here's another stunning, casual, country bouquet, made of roses, alchemilla (Alchemilla mollis), geraniums (Geranium sp.), sage (Salvia sp.), sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus), campanula (Campanula persicifolia), valerian (Valeriana officinalis).

Displayed in a vintage tea canister, I bought for £1 at a car boot sale.

Just sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) in different hues...

Simplicity with a small glass bottle filled with the tiny blue flowers of Lobelia. And a piece of sea glass I've been given recently.

Papaver (Poppies), I picked among the mustard fields... and just displayed in milk bottles. I don't think this stunning natural beauty requires a more elaborate vase. The simpler, the best.

Monica x


  1. Fantastic variety of flowers for this time of year...just gorgeous! I love all the different simple vases...great choices and wonderful photos!

  2. Hello, Monica

    I love to see your arrangements of flowers and their "homey" nature, on the windowsill, with the laundry drying outdoors in the background an so forth.

    You are fortunate to have a landlady who is so generous and I imagine it gives her pleasure to have a tenant who appreciates the garden's beauty.

    Wishing you a lovely day,

  3. Lover of bouquets here too!
    Wonderful summer for them all.
    Nature's glory for us.How lucky we are to have some closeby~
    Lovely Monica!

  4. So so beautiful, i especially love the one with the tea container and teacups :) catherine xx

  5. So many beautiful flowers! :)

  6. Lovely flowers Monica!....love from me!...x!

  7. Monica, you truly have a gift for creating the most gorgeous bouquets. Each one is a work of art.♥

  8. Beautiful bouquets. I love making bouquets for my home - I have them in several rooms. This is such a glorious season for flowers. Your photos are lovely.
    Less than a month to go until you are in YOUR home.

  9. Beautiful with a big capital B!! love your bouquets and how you have captured them ...lovely! Greeting card perfection for sure!!


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