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Monday, August 12, 2013

Little Things that make me Happy!

Clothes hanging on the line on a beautifull, windy, sunny day!
Especially all those cute little flowers on a blue background :)

Playing with my recent designs hanging them on the line too :)

My precious watercolor box- rusty, dirty, much loved.

Pretty, mismatched china just washed up. Polka dots, stripes, and the colors. Oh, the colors. They make me want to do a watercolor!

Sunshine on the paper (even if then I have to rotate the parasol to continue working).

Red nail polish, quiet time in the garden with a coffee and a favorite mug presented by a dear friend. Oh joy! (Have I told you I never have enough mugs??).

The cutter quilt that my hubby and I have chosen together as our anniversary present. Of course a cutter it won't be! How could anyone actually cut such antique beauty???

Coffee with an artist friend in the most luscious, wonderful, organic garden, full of colors and smells and insects buzzing around us! With a buttery croissant, naturally!

Monica x


  1. I love all of your simple pleasures and can see why you love them, I do too! I keep lace tablecloths or colorful fabrics or lace on my line for just that reason LOL. Blessed are they who have simple pleasures, enjoy them to the fullest! sweet post.

  2. Preciosas las fotografías y las pinturas!
    Un abrazo grande.

  3. Åååå så koselige bilder,du er kjempeflink til å male også. :))
    Klem Mette.

  4. Moments of sheer joy shared. Life is good, sweet friend.

  5. I just love simple things and your beautiful art work!

  6. Focusing on the simple, beautiful things brings joy.

  7. Beautiful post! I've missed you and thought of you this summer, Monica. It's been too long since my last visit. Your work is lovely and delightful, as always. Love, love the clothesline photo of vintage linens. So sweet.

    Big hug and baci!

    Ciao bella,


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