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Saturday, August 17, 2013

With One Palette (Art and Crochet).

I've been working like there's no tomorrow over the past week or so... and this new batch of originals is ready to hit the shelves of my Etsy shop (I am listing today, so keep an eye on it if you're interested).


As it usually happens, I was working on something totally different, as I have to finish watercolors of garden scenes and cottages... but inspiration struck and I had to answer.

In the first instance, I started this collection to create three meaningful presents for three lovely women I had the pleasure of knowing in my offline life, to whom I wished to give the gift of inspiration... 

... and then the collection naturally expanded to spread the same inspiration into the world. For those who need it, for those who need a bit of an encouragement, for those who just need to start flapping their crumpled wings.

For those who need to focus on good... joy is in the little things, like the tens and tens of butterflies filling the sky of the little patio garden where I'm spending this summer. Seven moves in two months are hard to do (and accept), but with a "oh-joy-attitude" everything definitely changes!

As one who strongly believes that our dreams can become true if we put our mind and heart to them, this is one of my favorite gifts of inspiration that I usually offer to those I have the opportunity to touch...

And here are a few shots of the WIP, in the little conservatory of this holiday cottage... cannot believe I'm doing this messy messy type of art outside my studio! I won't have it before three weeks (only 3 weeks to go, can you believe that??), and the canvas was calling now.

Bless the black refuse sacks! I covered everything with them! :)

And while I work other ideas may strike...

I can't help thinking that the inspiration for the color palette of these artworks derived from my current crochet project. Those of you who follow me on IG already know that after years that I wanted to make a granny square blanket, I have actually started it! It was more than 10 years that I didn't crochet, but it was natural to do it again, just as riding a bike!

Always, always wear a rigid wrist brace while doing crochet or stressful jobs with my hands!!

Bought the wool at a very discounted price at the charity shops, so I went for three colors that I liked without planning too much. And I am not thinking even how to match the colors- I just go instinctively, and very freely. The best of things come out when I use just the creative side of my brain.

The pattern I am using is a free pattern by Priscilla Hewitt, the Sunburst Granny Square, I found on Raverly.
The most difficult thing was actually finding a pattern that I really loved!

Indigo, Cream and Beige for my granny square blanket. Definitely "so me"!

Will keep you posted! :)

Have a great weekend everyone,
Monica x


  1. Love projects..And your art is so tender:)

    Ordered a little stitchery kit online yesterday..Always fun to keep our ands busy.I love having someting to look forward to.
    Yu'll never tire of those colors Monica:)
    Bon Weekend~

  2. So so beautiful xx must try crochet again!

  3. Monica, I love the artwork....beautiful! Your crocheted squares are such a lovely color, most definitely you!!!
    I just joined IG so I hope to be following you there!!

  4. I am so in love with your latest butterfly collection...the prior post included. And I do love the colors you chose as well. I am so jealous that you get to enjoy such beautiful, beautiful surroundings! My husband and I have a dream that sometime in the future, we will visit Devon and the Moores area. We look at those area on the internet and hope to rent a cottage someday in that area and stay a bit. Will be a while down the road, but that is our dream.

    Thank you for sharing your talent - very inspiring!

  5. Absolutely beautiful, Monica. The shades of blue are calming and lovely.

  6. Hi,Monica! What a surprise your new Post for me!I need an encouragement for a new choise in my creative life...your light blue works and your soft granny squares are a big wish :)
    Happy Sunday evening

  7. What a beautiful post Monica! I love this color palette so much and then to see your granny squares in it too ~sigh~ Your paintings are so lovely!!!
    That is a lot of moving around to do and it will be wonderful when you are able to really settle in to a new place and quit flitting around like a butterfly :)
    hugs from here...

  8. I too have been crocheting lately after many years of not even knowing where my hooks were.

    Your art is lovely and what wonderful gifts.


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