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Monday, October 21, 2013

Autumn Simple Pleasures.

There is something special about Autumn... and while I love all Seasons and the beauty and bounty they have to offer, this time of the year has a special something that captivates my heart and mind and my artistic eye. 

I am excited with the splashes of colors and textures...

... the possibilities, oh the possibilities! Plentiful of berries, fruits, foliage, herbs, branches of all kind and  hues, seem to just be there waiting to be picked and arranged!

Nothing thrills me more than spotting colorful, funny pheasants outside our windows, or just about anywhere in the English countryside.

My heart is full with the joys of going out for a walk with a basket, and coming home with the most amazing treasures...

... to be arranged in a simple posy...

... my pockets filled with shiny chestnuts that remind me of my childhood...

... and my nose full of scents of fireplaces, moss, mushrooms and damp soil.

Lots of pretty ladies fill the air these days, I find myself speaking with them so often... here you are, come on here, go there, better that you don't come indoors... and gently and patiently guiding them towards a leaf or flower instead.

The fruits of the season make their appearence outside the doors, displayed together with pots of colorful mums (Chrysanthemum); they fill the crates and deserve a spot of honor outside the small village produce shops, and grace the table with their beauty and delicious taste.

Posy of feathers can be easily found and collected during a country walk, and provide such a stunning, simple, natural decor to our home.

... Autumn, I love you so!
Monica x


  1. I love autumn too...like your pictures !!...love Ria...x !

  2. Amei conhecer o seu blog,achei maravilhoso.Visite-me:http://algodaotaodoce.blogspot.com.br/
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  3. Living there must be heavenly for you. It makes my heart happy.

  4. Gorgeous pictures, Monica, and your wreath is spectacular!

  5. Autumn simple pleasures: joyful,sweet colours ...what a relaxing atmosphere !
    A big hug,Monica

  6. j'adore l'autumne as well dear monica. your photographs are stunning. i also wanted to say "congratulations" on your Handcrafted Feature. I just received my artist copy...your hand-stitched bags are lovely to see again. i sent you an email but it bounced back to me. check out my latest Post....you're there! ;)

  7. I love this time of year too!


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