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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Country Flowers of the Month (September): Colors and Displays.

Super busy here unpacking and trying to find a place for everything! Also, setting up my studio to start working again.
But I had to share a few of the country flowers I picked in September, so here we go.

After the harvest, there are always nice spikes on the sides of the fields... they are so beautiful to be kept  for months, and also can become a nice thought for someone (in Italy, crop spikes are symbols of prosperity and abundance). Their ochre tones are perfect to bring indoors as signs of the changing season.

September definitely is the month of apples, and gorgeous ones, from edible to crab apples and tiny wild apples can be found everywhere in the English countryside. You just have to pick them. I always bring a secateur with me, so I don't damage trees.
Greens of all kind are very elegant, and surprisingly, neutral. I added a gray ribbon to this small bouquet, and loved the color combo!

But September brought along pops of color, too! Berries of all kind, both dusty and shiny, and the occasional flowers blooming. I started finding many pheasant feathers, too.
Posies of berries, foliage and feathers, arranged in a casual, simple way, and put into country style containers, are very charming and make me happy!

More greens, and added apples gathered at the base of the antique pitcher to add interest to my display (and accentuate the seasonal theme).

I discovered that these small, wild apples can last for more than a month in vase! Of course the leaves have to be removed when dried out, but apples will remain on the branches and can make a nice display (or can be added to other, fresh posies).

After I instinctively arranged the apples in a blue Cornishware vase, and added an orange pumpkin to the display, I realized how pretty their colors were altogether.

I believe any color can go well together in country style, flower arrangements. Purple, orange, red, green and white, which I wouldn't have used in a painting altogether, here are very pleasant mixed together, and suggest me a new, color combo to try in my work (... when I say that we artists have to step out from our studio frequently- see where inspiration comes from?).

Another stunning color combo- orange, green and white (a dash of red, too).

And of course, berries and foliage of all kind can be used to make wreaths. The basic technique I used it's the same I explained in this post. Instead of ivy I used the apple branches as support, twisting and turning them to make a round shape.

And finally, I started collecting feathers, which are stunning to decorate with. Arrange them in interesting containers or glass jars, and group them together for a cheap yet eye- catching, seasonal display.

Monica x


  1. Your feather collection is lovely too:)

  2. So lovely, what a variety of colors and plants you still have in bloom! Beautiful arrangements.

  3. You capture and say it beautifully.

  4. Such a wonderful variety, I love all the berries and the feathers and you always arrange everything so beautifully. I can't wait to see photos of the new area you moved to :) It's wonderful seeing England through your eyes.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  5. Lovely autumn post....love from me...x !

  6. Thanks your feathers ...I fly about the English countryside :) !
    Sweet Saturday afternoon

  7. EXQUISITE flowers, fruits and berries Monica!
    The mix of colours is wonderful and the green wreath on the charcoal shutters.....
    I sometimes find the odd pheasant feather when I'm walking in Cornwall Park - a working farm here in Auckland where I live - they are like treasures to me!

    I love your blog and all the english countryside I see here.
    I dream of living in a little cottage in the Cotswolds - heaven!

    much love and hugs


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