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Friday, October 18, 2013

May I Send you a little Gift?

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This is a common question addressed to me, and lately, I have started receiving it again and again.
So today, I thought I'd write here my reply for you all :)

I have multiple reasons for telling you that I cannot accept gifts anymore, and it's not necessary that I explain them here. Just for you to get the idea, I am now dealing with stuff coming out from about 400 boxes, and I'm having really hard times deciding what to discard, because of the memories, love and warmth attached to every object.

But each and every time that someone wants to send me their love and heart in form of a gift, my own heart melts, because I really can feel the love. And the last thing I want, is to make that special someone, that person, that friend who has been moved by Love to send me love, feel sad. Also, with all the need that this wonderful world has of pure love and generous people and good vibrations, definitely I don't want to block them!

So, without a logic solution in mind, but just opening my heart and mind while writing this post, in the end my reply to your graceful offer is: give the exact gift you wanted to give me, with the same love, with the same joy and generosity, to someone in your offline life for whom it will make a difference. Give it to a "difficult" person, a relative that is driving you crazy at the moment, or has hurt you in the past, an elderly person that lives alone, a single Mom that you see every day struggling with her condition, someone that is scared, and without hope, or that cannot treat themselves to a little extra because of their finances... and the list goes on and on and on.

There are so many people out there needing our love, compassion, just attention.
I know you'll feel them, you'll know who they are.

I'm not "just saying" to give them the gift you had thought for me- PLEASE DO for real!

Hugging you all, much love from me to you.
Monica xoxo


  1. Love from me ...x !

  2. Beautiful thought perfectly expressed! I wish you joy in settling into your new home.

  3. You suggest a mix of love and generosity for people close to us...sarĂ  fatto , pensando a te !
    Happy weekend

  4. I feel your love from across the ocean.♥♥♥


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