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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pour On Love.

I wrote this post and saved it as a draft more than one week ago, and it couln'd be more appropriate now, as I have a situation in my life that requires Love be poured on it (and the person) like rivers of sweet, golden, maple syrup on blueberry pancakes! :)

Many people out there think of "love" as a cute word to hang on their walls, kind of a hippy spur to make love and not war, or just a romantic thing with implies hugs and kisses or things like that. What I am speaking about here is the essence of Love, what Love as a spiritual quality really is.

The idea of pouring Love on the World is not new, it has been proclaimed for thousands of years by all of the most meaningful and powerful guides of humanity, and has been said again and again.
In our home, my philosopher husband and I love to discuss of anything that has meaning, about the essence of being, physics, metaphysics, religion, literature, science, anything goes actually as long as it is intelligent, relevant to the moment, and most importantly, inspiring (... you bet we don't have ordinary  meals at home! LOL).

It's very often from these inpiring conversations that an idea arises...

When things go wrong, pour on love; when you're dealing with a difficult situation, pour on love on it.
When something or someone is annoying you, driving you crazy, pour love on them.

When someone doesn't understand you or your natural and genuine wish to help (FYI there are people who are natural givers and helpers), and try to make you feel hurt and angry (whether you don't feel or feel like that), give them unconditional love. Those people may be in the most difficicult part of their journey, we cannot know. We don't have to assume, just give them love as they may have a bleeding heart, a very difficult moment, or even if it's just their own ego, they surely need our healing thoughts, prayers, compassion and LOVE. Love heals everything. Love calls Love.

On any circumstance and every person you meet, just pour all of the possible love, and then let go.

We must let go because we are not responsible of their own choices, thoughts or deeds. In this life we can always choose, and what is someone else's choice we cannot control. We just have to love them, and really pour love on them, but then we cannot do anything else. You know that they're going to fight the hardest battle, that with their own ego. We have no power on it, even if the person is a loved one.

After years of spiritual work on myself, thanks to my spiritual teachers, inspiring readings and conversations, synchronicities flowing in my life, momentous discoveries, I now apply this little pearl of wisdom to everything-
to my work, health, relationships, all of the aspects of life.

I am always told "You have gold hands and everything that comes out from your hands is so beautiful". Truth is I pour love on everything I do, even if they are chores or plants or a meal, and that's where Beauty does come from. Not from "me"... but through me.

I painted this small reminder on canvas... the original was meant to be a special gift, but I think I'm going to frame a print of it to hang in our home. I hope this may be of inspiration for you too, and of help in your own life.

Monica x


  1. Love lights up our life...Love can make better (without their knowing it) those who have a heart of stone...this is the power of Love.
    Your canvas lights up the web, Monica!
    Good afternoon

  2. Thank you for this heartmelting post!

  3. Beautiful words & art Monica ~ truly unconditional love ♥

  4. such an inspiring post, to print, hang on the wall, and read again and again!!!
    the painting is so beautiful too (of course.. being my favourite colours!!!!)
    big big hug

  5. This is a very beautiful post Monica, and something so relevant in my life right now with difficult relatives, so thanks for the reminder about how important love is even with difficult people. :)

  6. It's a gorgeous piece Monica... just beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

  7. a lovely post and truer words were never spoken. merci for sharing them with us..just beautiful as are you! ;)

  8. Lovely ladies... thank you so much for your feedback ♡♡♡ and hugs to you!

  9. Sharing love from our hearts with others is what life is all about. And, you, my dear Monica, share your love generously.♥

  10. Another amazing post Monica.... love indeed.
    I read a quote long ago that said "you can't help people, you can only love them" and it is so very true. That doesn't mean love is little though - it is the biggest thing, really.
    Your conversations sound like ours, and those are the most interesting kind. There is nothing like a kindred spirit and a pondering type of question...


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