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Thursday, November 28, 2013


I am so very grateful in my heart for countless things that I'd need pages and pages to just start to enumerate... 

I am thankful because I feel so, so deeply loved, because of my dear ones that are so loving and supportive, because my wildest dreams do come true, because of the synchronicities happening in my life that make me stare at the sky in wonder each and every time, with teary eyes. I am thankful because of the amazing beauty of the place where I have the opportunity to live, and all of the people I have encountered along the way. Each and every one has enriched my life.

I am so very grateful because of the gifts and abilities I have been given, for being different and having accepted that, for being able to touch hearts, for having said "yes" to what I've been called to do in this life. I am grateful because of the strength I have been given right when I needed it, and the difficulties I have encountered along the way didn't block me- on the contrary they made me a stronger woman and challenged me to spread my wings and fly.

I am grateful at heart for all the connections I made through this little blog of mine, you are so very important to me! Thank you for being there for me, for cheering me on, for your trust, for your words, for your friendship! I have been tremendously blessed in so many ways by my blog, and will be forever grateful to those who encouraged me to start one (even if it was scary at that time!).

I give thanks every single day for every single breath, every rain drop, every breath of wind that caresses my face, every petal that make me feel part of a magnificent, divine design.
I give thanks because life is a painting, and I feel like paintbrushes are extensions of my fingers. I give thanks because I'm an artist and a creative to the core, as I couldn't imagine any other way of living... even among a crazy mess and chaos most of the times, piles of creative stuff everywhere, and me screaming somethimes because I am tired of it and I'd wish more order! But truth is, it's what keeps me alive and it's what I am, and you cannot be anything else that what and who you are.

My heart is so full... I feel so very blessed!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, wherever you may live!

Monica x


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you..
    You have put in words..the eesence of your being!

  2. Thanks to the silver stars dancing with our dreams ....and thanks to your golden words, Monica.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you ( qui è sconosciuto ai più! )

  3. The most important things are that we open ourselves to embracing who we are, and then we let our souls recognize and embrace our blessings. And, my friend, you live those things well. I can feel your touch and your warmth.


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