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Monday, December 2, 2013

Country Flowers of the Month: October and November.

During the month of October and November, I was kinda stuck in the house because of the unpacking. But managed to pick anyway, even if only on my way to the post office or supermarket! I'm pretty sure you professional pickers out there, will agree- always have a basket, secateurs and gardening gloves in your car! :)


Again, it was the month of berries of any color and type, and I started to incorporate in my posies more bare twigs.

Snowberry or Symphoricarpos has very "fat" berries that add interest to any posy!
They come in white and pink. Another way to add interest is to choose a ribbon in a contrasting color .

Autumn glory!

Same wreath one month after. Apples had fallen and the leaves turned brown naturally.
Just added red berries and voilĂ ! A new look for your wreath without effort.

Made this wreath to teach my friend Federica how to make one. All of the elements are simply arranged on a ready wreath, and secured here and there with twine. I glued some apples in place to finish it off.
Photo ©Federica.Baricolo. used with express permission.

Contrasting vase, in shape and color.
Found this vase in charity shops for a song. When I see something with potential, I buy it.


I barely went out to finish many of the projects I had started, to tidy up the house and start preparing Atlanta 2014. Mainly I picked apples and just a few posies of berries, and at the very end of the month, started collecting holly and evergreens to add festive touches to our home. 

Monica x


  1. Superb Autumn colours ... and Kim is the Star .

  2. Lovely !!! owwww and i see Kim...we wil never forget her....love that dog always......warm hugs from me Monica...love Ria...x !

  3. Absolutely beautiful as always!

  4. Monica, this is absolutely stunning. Breathtaking photos of natural beauty. Your wreaths! Oh, how I adore them! Berries are a personal favorite of mine.



  5. Monica dear, these arrangements are so beautiful! There is nothing I love more than flowers, so this post was a delight. Your wreaths are amazing!
    Such gorgeous photos my friend!!!
    hugs from here...

  6. Very beautiful ~ love the berries and twigs you used!

    Happy December!

  7. I love the varieties of berries your able to find, so perfect and you must have been so excited when you found the round blue polka dot vase, it's so you :)

  8. Dear Monica,

    love your beautiful inspiration of the wreath with berries and the pretty roses. Great to see the sweet photo of Kim.
    Hope you have a lovely week

  9. your autumn displays are lovely Monica! Heather x


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