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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

From my English Country Diary: November.

This was November where I live.

I am so in wonder at all of the beauty around me, even during a month of the year I never found that interesting... and instead, this year, November brought along wonderful dry and sunny days, not-so-bad temperatures (even if a few days of frost), gorgeous colors, feelings and ideas, and fantastic walks and nature observations.
I'm always so amazed at how you can live following the rhythm of the seasons in the English countryside. It's just so natural here.

And because of my choice of living naturally and quietely, and not in a town or village, of course when you have the everyday basics to do, you find yourself driving along narrow country roads and across quaint tiny villages you totally ignored the existence of (often made up of 4 houses and a crossroads). 
It's not a mere "off-for-a-walk-I-go", but it's just part of everyday life here. 

And, if you really savor and pay attention, and not rush-rush pressing the speed pedal as many do, taking all of this for granted, you can really go back home enriched every single day.

While taking the scenic route I feel such deep joy, see so much beauty... I take it all in. I meet friends, that make my heart flutter each and every time I spot them! It is not usual at all in Italy, at least in the areas where I come from (I think I've never ever seen a pheasant so close by in my whole life before coming here!).

These scenes fill my heart with wonder and gratitude... I wish they could stay and chat with me for a while.

November showed off amazing yellows, oranges and browns...

I always feel like I'm in the Dolomites, here! The landscape is so similar and so familiar. Warms my heart...

There's something so fascinating in moss covered stones and roofs and everything, for me.

The familiar roads acquired a magical atmosphere thanks to the magic wand of Autumn!

Spotting pheasants...

And plentiful of abandoned fruits were still on the trees...

... so I decided to go and pick some! There's no traffic along most of these roads, so you can safely pick fruit and enjoy it. 

Preserved apples for the winter. Preserves taste different from a pretty jar, don't you think so? :)

November was indeed a very joyous and exciting month for me, this year!
Monica x


  1. Truly a visual feast for the eyes, mind, heart and soul! Thank you for sharing with us!

  2. Every shot a delight..this is beauty.

  3. Joyful November in the English countryside ...and in your Smile!

  4. Everything tastes better when it is served in a pretty fashion. Monica, I feel the same way you do. Nature nourishes my soul.

    Thank you so much for your visit to my holiday home tour. Day two is now posted, and it features my foyer, stairway and landing. Tomorrow I am sharing the living room. I hope you can come by again.♥

  5. OH Beautiful, beautiful photographs!!! How lovely.
    : )
    made my day
    Monika in Canada

  6. after I moved from the suburbs of London to the Cotswolds I was surprised to meet the wild life up so close! I met deer and badgers and foxes and saw my first ever woodpecker! I am still town girl but now very much love the countryside. Heather x

  7. WOW! What a beautiful time of year there!!! As for the moss covered stones and roofs..... right there with you!! The covered bridge with it's moss covered roof is swoon worthy!!!!! Love all your images! Thank you for sharing!!!!

    Hugs and Purrs,

    "her" and Romeo

  8. Beautiful photos! Look at all those apples xxx

  9. I'm so glad you are enjoying every day and finding the beauty wherever you are. Lovely post.

  10. hi monica..lovely images here. truly. I sent you an email but it bounced back to me. come read my latest blog post....your name is there! ;);)

  11. Hi Monica :) I think these photographs may be my favorite thus far! I love the colors of autumn and places like this, the beauty of nature, is where I feel best. Thank you for sharing these lovely photos. Hugs, Jacqueline


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