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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just a Journal.

One of my Art Journals.

For PL 2014, I use a old (yet never used) Moleskine Daily Agenda.
I just change the name of the day.

My PL this year was heavily inspired by my friend (and web designer!) Hope's journals.
I decided to give this a try as it looked super simple to keep up with, for me.

Just a few of my current journals: Gratitude Daily, Biz Gratitude Book, Gardening Journal,
Project Life 2014, Art Journal, Journey Home.

My blog is just my journal.

It is not a marketing tool, as I have nothing to sell. My art and photography don't sell because of my blog, the same happens for my products.
Differently from other creatives and artists out there, I'm not innerly called to teach art, photography, or any kind of craft, so I have no classes to offer and promote. I have to do what I have to do, and it doesn't matter at all to me if I am invisible to the world doing so (most of the times I'd love to be).

My blog is just my journal, sometimes more of a diary, and sometimes more of a journal. I have worked so much to make it the cozy and beautiful and comforting place it is, and I always love to nurture it, because truth is, it brings me great blessings on a daily basis.

My blog is my journal, and I want it to always be updated as are my paper journals, no stress to do so, joyously taking the time to sit quietely every few days in company of those bundles of paper and ink (or graphite, as I always sketch and usually write in pencil). A new, fresh spread to be filled with words, emotions and beauty. To jot down my blessings, my joys, exciting discoveries (well, for me they are!) and speak of my gratitude.

So I'm trying this new format, I had tried in the past too, but with a different approach. This time, it will work because my frame of mind is different now.

My posts will be frequent, short, always visually appealing, spontaneous. All topics of conversation work fine for me, love to follow the creative flow wherever it takes me.
There will be much longer ones, with poignant content, but that won't be the norm.
It will be easier to read, with all of the writing at the bottom of each post, instead of a few lines here and there between photographs. Simplicity at its best. No pressure to make it perfect, my blog is not a photographer's portfolio, and I don't want to compete for the Pulitzer. I need my posts to be quick and easy to assemble, as my plate is already full.

After all, with all I have to do, I consider my blog {my time, my vision, my joy, my given talents} just a gift that I offer to the world.

Monica xo


  1. From the bottom of my heart thank you, Monica.

  2. Hi Monica,
    I love seeing your variety of journals and the joy you take in working (playing) in them. I also love your blog, in any form it may take, so thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

  3. My blog has always been just a recipe book for my girls and a bit of a journal for me..my personal journals are much more.. well..personal..that no one ever sees...
    There is such joy in doing things..without the question of.. the result.
    My whole working career.. depended on result..I am grateful..that I was able to be enriched by the journey to the result by the meaningful relationships I was able to make..

    Now.. without even a worry of the result.. all is pleasant.
    You are a very creative..talented artist.. with a great heart and soul..
    That's your essence..
    And giving the gift of you is far more valuable than material rewards..
    Inside out..:)

  4. I truly believe that everyone's blog is an extension of ten, and should be driven by their thoughts…likes…opinions…I applaud this!

  5. Ah...you know I love journals but I'm not half as creative as you, my friend. It's sometimes the effort and words that count.


  6. You and your blog is a gift Monica! Thank you for always sharing.


    I so enjoyed your most recent article in Somerset Life. You make that magazine beautiful!

  7. I love your blog, and your posts, however short or long you choose to make them - I especially love your posts that are so full of quiet thought and understanding... you write them so beautifully!
    I love the new layout - I myself have been pondering posts with the pictures first, followed by the text... I have seen a few blogs that do that and I quite like them - I will be interested to hear how you like it...

  8. I am visiting from Jillayne of "A Fine Seam". I like what I am reading and will now follow. Creative Bliss...


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