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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcoming my Word for 2014.

Starting January and a brand- new canvas to color, I am ready for a new word!

And, not that I had any doubt about that, happening the same each and every year, it's the word that actually chooses me and not the contrary!

I just had a couple of ideas, two words that I really liked, but honestly didn't feel stressed at all about choosing one, because I was deeply certain that the right one would have come to me at the just perfect time, and I want to believe and trust. So when the year drew to a close, and I knew I needed a new word, I spotted it on the cover of a favorite magazine resting on the chair in my bedroom. I hadn't ever considered this word before, but it really screamed for my attention, and I immediately loved the energy attached to it.
Therefore this year, Welcome will keep me company.

Welcome, a cordial greeting or hospitable reception given to an arriving person.

Welcome, gladly received. Be glad to entertain (someone) or receive (something).

Welcome, very pleasing because much needed or desired.

Welcome, react with pleasure or approval or gratitude to (an event or development), be pleased by, be glad about.

Welcome as allowed or invited to do a specific thing.

What I loved about this word was first and foremost the sense of joy and positivity radiating from it. Then, it suggested an idea of openness. And then, also the possibility of embracing new- new ideas, new opportunities, new inspirations, new things.
... What's not to love??

Monica x


  1. Welcome !!!!......Jij ook lieverd...!!..bedankt voor het afgelopen jaar............liefs van mij....x !!!

    For you too darling ...!!..thanks for last year...love from me ...x !!!

    It's not what you have in your pocket that makes you thankful.......but what you have in your heart........x !

  2. What a wonderful word that came to you, full of possibility. I love this time of year, getting to see what people choose as their word for the year.
    Happy new year to you Monica,

  3. "Welcome" ,great! Welcome to a new idea , a new aim , a new gift . A hearty "Welcome" like a big hug.
    A Happy New Year !

  4. Welcome..is a beautiful word.
    I love that my grandsons meet us at the door w/ a smile and say with truth..:Come IN..

    That's what a real welcome is all about..Come in..let me take care of you..hold you..treat you..comfort you:)

  5. Love it, Monica! You're right...so cheery and warm!!
    Hope your year is fabulous! I will enjoy seeing glimpses into it!!
    Big New Year Hugs!

  6. I think the perfect word found you.

    I was so excited you spotted the painting in my den. I love it. All my visitors spotted it, too.

    Happy New Year.

  7. What's not to love indeed! A great word dear friend. Your positive energy has already welcomed so many wonderful gifts, 2014 will welcome many more.


  8. What's not to love indeed? "Welcome" is a truly fabulous word - as you say, it has an openness about it that makes it immediately accessible and endearing - who can resist a good welcome? It also has a graciousness to it, a giving, as in "you're welcome" that makes it a true joy... I love your word.
    I wish you and those you love the very best for teh new year, one filled with much joy and love, peace and grace, and of course, not so many boxes...

  9. happy new year to you Monica! Welcome is a good word. It is open. I wonder what will come!! I brought a welcome sign last year, it's hanging in my living room! Hope all's well, Heather x

  10. 'Welcome' is a great word, Monica !
    Wishing you all the best for 2014 !

  11. I love that the word chooses you. "Welcome" is a beautiful one, am smiling about it alot.
    I am going to listen to see what word may come to me.
    many blessings, lady

  12. Hi Monica, first of all I have to thank you for inspiring me -and many others, I guess- to choose a one single word for each year, instead of those overwhelming "New Year´s Resolutions" which often made us feel frustrated and helpless when we realized they were almost impossible to achieve! I love your one word for 2014; "Welcome" is a beautiful way to tell the Universe that we are open to all the abundance of blessings it has to offer us...
    By the way, I too was considering two or three words for this year but (as you so well said) the right word comes just at the right time, so mine came in a dream the very last day of december: my word for this year is RISK (although I and only I know how challenging it can be!)
    Warmest hugs,

    1. Kassandra,
      thanks for your kind words, but the idea is not mine! I always thought it was something in the American/English tradition, because several years ago when I discovered the world of blogging, I kept reading of people chosing one word for the upcoming year! I started in 2009, I don't know where this tradition statrs from, actually, but I love it too!

    2. Well, in fact I´m not so well versed in the American/English traditions since I was born and lived all my life in South America ;) that´s why the idea was absolutely new for me and I discovered it through following your blog... So despite of who the original starter may have been, YOU were indeed the one who inspired me and I wanted you to know!!!

  13. I love it! Welcome is a perfect word. I am choosing the word embrace, because I want to embrace all that life has to offer.
    Hugs to you Monica,

  14. That's a fantastic word for the year!!! Purrfect in every way! May your new year be filled with the openness and beautiful possibility of "Welcome"!

    Purrs and hugs,

    Romeo and "her"

  15. That is the perfect word, and your blog makes me feel that way, Monica.

    I adore your wreath and door. It is the perfect symbol for "Welcome".

    Happy New Year...



  16. Great idea...Happy New Year xx

  17. How perfect! I feel very much like you. I feel that the word chooses us. That's why my word REACH was not even an option to change! I need to reach…..far….!!!!! I have such hopes and dreams for my photography, for my garden, for life! It has been a difficult year here, our puppy's illness, the bills that ensued and continue, my husband's heart blockages, procedures, and still not being well….I NEED 2014 to be a good year. I must REACH for my dreams!

    Welcome is indeed a word that I can see matching up to you. I suppose it is a bit like the sorting hat from Harry Potter.

    Stay well my friend.


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