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Friday, February 14, 2014

Growing Time...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Recently, some of you may have noticed I have disappeared.
I have disappeared from Blogland, I have dismissed all of my followers on IG and turned my account private for my eyes only, have kinda lost my tongue and have become exeptionally silent, am ignoring my emails (if not the "job and family" ones for obvious reasons), I gently, but firmly, set aside all of the unnecessary things.

While from the outside it may seem my mind is completely in the clouds and I am totally disconnected, truth is I am totally connected, and I am experiencing a steep spiritual growth.
All I want to do, all I feel in my gut I have to do (mind you, I've finally come to really trust my gut so it's no discussion!) is shutting the doors of the external world, turn inwards and wait.

Instead of not doing anything these days (there wouldn't be any problem in that at all- on the contrary, I should practice more stillness just doing nothing, something I don't usually feel comfortable doing... ), I feel very energized yet very quiet, and even if I have no desire to interact with human beings on a material level, so to speak, I feel drawn to certain activities that are indeed very practical, but while doing them in silence, my mind wonders, my heart opens up, my soul expands widely.

After some attempts to "still" meditation and nearly falling asleep (shame on me!), I realized the best and most effective form of meditation for me is indeed active. I must move my hands, move my body, and the rest follows easily and effortlessly, and usually I gain momentum, spiritual energy and powerful epiphanies keep coming my way while doing so and soon afterwards. It's very similar to the monastic practice "ora et labora" from St. Benedict  (pray while you work, or work while you pray, that is), who believed to combine contemplation with action. On a side note, I practice this type of meditation also while painting- very naturally, not that I concentrate trying to do so- and that's why I need a very silent and quiet environment when I work.

So- what am I doing these days?
Well, I'm cleaning my home (after a deadline, for how swift it may be, there is always mess around), reorganizing to make it easier to live and more comfortable, and tidying up some hot spots, especially after I've found the just perfect book I really needed at the charity shop last week, and I haven't put it down since ("Home Sanctuary, A practical guide to creating the perfect space for body and soul" by Josephine Collins ). I'm watching my sweet peas growing at the speed of light (put a big, beaming smile here), I'm cooking, daydreaming, letting my creative energy flow freely (I have no idea what I'm creating but I'm sure I am doing something that will manifest soon), picking snowdrops, finding great finds (like the Emma Bridgewater jug and two old, oval flower vases with wire and a matte glaze, the cream one in the pics above), reading, watching inspirational videos, filling my Gratitude Journals to the brim, and perusing my traditional country style books and old Victoria magazines (love).
While being patient...

"Tomatoes grow at their own speed".
Geri Larkin

Monica xo


  1. Take all the time you need and enjoy yourself whatever you decide to do. I understand completely.

    Happy Valentine's Day, Monica!



  2. I think what you are doing is good for the soul. I wish you much peace in all that you do (and don't do!).


  3. Hi Monica, I feel like you. A little quiet, but most definitely in a process here at home. I could say de-cluttering, but it's more than that. It's like opening everything up and letting the light in. And then settling things down in a new way. With perhaps a little less! It's all I want to do right now. it feels important and will lead to I know not what but I feel compelled to be in it. Hope you are managing the stormy weather here in the UK! Heather x

  4. it's taking time to fill your vessel....find peace and take all the time you need. when you get back....i would sure love to know how you made the paper sack seed starters. and yeah...everything grows in its own time.

    1. Hello, I tried to reply directly but as you have a no- reply profile, I write here!
      I made the paper pots with a wooden tool called "paper pot maker". You can see it in one of my previous posts when I was actually making them. You can find it on amazon!
      Hope it helps!


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