Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Winter Days, an Opportunity to Bloom.

Instead of fighting Winter and the bad weather, I take it as an opportunity to grow.
If you concentrate your attention on the rain (snow or cold, dullness and grayness) you won't be able to see the sunshine (and profoundly savor it for the hours it lasts)!

Therefore, instead of wasting time and mental energy complaining, and focusing on the negative, craving Spring and not living in the present and learning its lessons for how loudly the gale may blow and copiously rain may fall, I joyously embrace the simple pleasures of the season.

And I'm not longing for Spring to come too early! Otherwise, how would I manage to think, create, design, do and finish all of the work I have to do? When the weather is sunny and pleasant, who wants to stay holed up in the studio and work? How would I manage to dedicate myself to various projects, dream big, reorganize corners of my home, learn new things?

I believe winter days, just like hybernation, are a way to rest my mind and body, recharge the batteries for the good season's days ahead bursting with outdoors activities, dedicate time and space to soul searching, inspiring readings, whatever I may want to put my attention to, just devote my time to growth. So that, when Spring and sunshine will arrive, I'm ready to bloom.

Monica xo