Saturday, March 1, 2014


February has been a time of steep growth, filled with Winter simple pleasures, joyful days, plenty of color (both on my worktable and windowsills) and quiet whispers of the soul.

I have sowed sweet peas, and watched them grow, one day at a time, dreamt of a garden, started walking again now that Nature re-awakens, meditating while moving my body, craved solitude and strongly felt the urge to stay true to myself, and acted promptly towards that {with what I feel right to share publicly, who I want in my energetic space, with my art to share joyously and not to sell stressfully}. I joyously welcomed inspiration from a loved one and dear friends, and shared mine, met an unexpected deadline with loads of joy and energy, tidyed up and organized (first and foremost in my mind, that reflected in finding the appropriate, practical solutions for my needs), started a new garden journal for my gardening adventures in a new country, and a "Victoria" journal, I've been wanting to do for so long and never found the time.

Until I stopped and consciously realized we actually have all of the time we need! It's just a matter of choices- when I took the time to clear my mental agenda, asked myself  which was the reason "why" I did something and kept only what I really, really want to do, I started finding all the time to do everything! And much, much more.

Monica xo