Friday, March 7, 2014

My Secret Garden.

I have a secret garden... nothing but a pot garden at the rear of the house hidden by the oil tank fence and facing the wood, where I spend time dreaming, meditating and healing, wearing a handmade gardening apron, with dirty hands and a big smile painted on my face.

I also have a secret garden in my imagination, but as for now, it just dwells there, and on the pages of a visual journal, for my eyes only.

One of the things I have discovered over the years being the most nourishing for me, is to be surrounded by nature and silence, and grow my own flowers and herbs (vegetables and fruits when space allows), for how humble and small my garden may be. Being our home rented, I have no permission to plant anything in the soil or keep my pots in visible position, but I am deeply grateful for having even just a teeny tiny space for my own flowers where no one but pheasants, squirrels and birds, maybe the fox at times, passes by and sees them.
I have grown magnificent roses, dahlias, daffodils, morning glory, sweet peas, unbelievably huge hydrangeas, herbs of all kind, even plums and tomatoes on a balcony when I lived in the city! I used to have my home filled with posies of fresh flowers always, I've always found it such a natural thing to do, not that I've learnt somewhere, simply followed my instinct (most of the times in the past, without being aware of doing so). That is part of the process to nurture a highly sensitive and deeply sensible soul, just like eating and breathing for my well- being.

In my secret garden I cultivate roses, sweet peas, pansies, nasturtium, zinnias, parsley, rosemary, chicory, sage and thyme. Along with Joy, Hope, Beauty, Truth, Love, Grace, Patience, Kindness, Understanding, Faith, Positive Thinking and No- Doubt.

And as in every garden, even the most beautiful and tidy ones, there may be a few weeds trying to grow along with your flowers, that will eventually suffocate them. So what's the wise gardener to do? Pull them out immediately. Give nourishment and space to the flowers only.

Monica xo