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Monday, March 24, 2014

One Year in England.

Last year, I arrived in a snowy and frozen England these very days of late March, relocating with just two suitcases and lots of dreams (and to be honest, a few worries, too!).

I had just a few winter clothes with me, two pairs of shoes, my camera and an old Iphone, a laptop, batteries, 2 hats and scarves, a watercolor box and one paint brush, a favorite book, journals and some things very close to my heart, to keep me warm and comfy, to lay my cheeks on to, and feel safe.

No car, no printer, no art supplies, no bed pillow, nothing but the basic essentials. And most importantly, no certainties about the future. The plan was pretty much set before moving... but nothing went as planned (or even imaginable!).

I just had my heart full of hope and faith that anything is possible to those who believe. And that everything was going to be all right.

It has been quite a rollecoaster of emotions, great discoveries (both spiritual and material) and challenges... most of which very challenging, indeed. Have had lots of unplanned solo time, too. But during all of this, I've been guided to the right path... magic happening on a daily basis. The just perfect people and things showing up at the just perfect time. Not a second earlier, not a second later. Loads of heart rocks reassuring me along the way. I have had the opportunity to grow, reach for the stars, teach what I know, learn from others, and practice patience and free flight.

I now live in a very old house, have separate taps, no gas, drive on the left side of the road as if I'd always done it before, speak and hear the language of my heart and soul, own 4 pairs of wellies and wear them almost every day, go grocery shopping at the post office with a basket, and see pheasants, foxes and squirrels strolling quietly out of the windows. I feel completely in my element, and feel a very strong sense of belonging (not actually to a certain community, but to Nature and the Universe).

And when someone asks me what brought me to England, I can't help but respond the truth, even if this always leaves my interlocutor speechless- pursue my dreams and follow my star. I may not see clearly which the divine plan is, but I trust it wholeheartedly.

"Sky, be my depth;
Wind, be my width and my height;
World, my heart's span:
Loneliness, wings for my flight!"

(from Measure Me, Sky by Leonora Speyer)
Monica xo


  1. So So happy for you and your adventure, I can't believe it's been a year. It sounds like so many wonderful things have happened since being there and following your dreams :)

  2. I am glad you are happy there in England darling....lovely week love Ria...x !

  3. happy year one anniversary monica xo
    you settled in so well because it is where your heart belongs ♥
    beautiful, beautiful, post!
    have a lovely week & say hello to the pheasants, foxes & squirrels for me :-D

  4. "Due forze non sono mai mutate dall'inizio del mondo : il movimento delle onde e il cammino dell'amore".Romano Battaglia ... io aggiungerei la forza dei nostri sogni. Ora "sorryssimo" per la traduzione!
    "Two powers did never change from the very beginning:the movements of the waves and the march of love".
    Romano Battaglia ... in addition to this : the power of our dreams.
    I'm so glad for you, Monica !

  5. How wonderful that you're happy and settled.

  6. Happy for you that it all worked out! I loved England and look forward to going back again.


  7. Your words enchant! There is wonder when we follow our heart~ I am happy for you! ATB @>----------------


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