From my English Country Diary: Reawakening.

I took these pictures two months ago, in mid February.
Winter has been exceptionally mild here in England this year (and all around Europe from what I heard from family and friends- I don't watch tv nor weather forecasts, so I just wait to learn from someone I know! :)).

Hence in mid February, we've had some gorgeous sunny days, with very warm temperatures... like the very day when I took these photos. It was so beautiful, that I decided to go exploring a new area (about 10 miles away from Banbury), wellies in the car boot and big camera on hand.

Nature was reawakening... and I was right in the middle of this. Looking in retrospect, I believe I was re-awakening too. To old committments and ideas, to who I really am and how I want to live, what I have to do in order to wholeheartedly answer my calling in this life. It's such a good think to sometimes pause and ask yourself where you're going and why, and after busy deadlines when you take time to rest, is quite a good moment to do so.

Daffodils were at the "leaves and green bud" stage. Now in mid April, the daffodils season is over, already, but I'll show you in another post. 

The colors were definitely changing from the dull shades of gray to vibrant sienna, bright blue and tender greens.

I love to go walking without books/maps, and be surprised at each and every step I take... so when I spot a green sign indicating a public footpath from the road, I stop, wear my wellies and off I go! It's funny that I write this now, because I've always believed I had no sense of direction... but surely having to deal with a bit of a challenging situation when moved here, helped me practicing trust. And I now trust completely that I can absolutely do that without any fear or worry (and that I'm in for a treat, always!). 

Seeing this view surely sparked my interest...

... and after I crossed the fence doing the usual acrobatics on the stile (holding camera, bag, Iphone and obvioulsy taking an insta-picture for Project Life, trying not to roll down!), I saw this.
You bet my heart started racing, after months of inactivity...

As I walked, beaming like a child, and with the occasional giggles too, I met the inhabitants of the adjacent farm... we exchanged smiles and chats, and I proceeded full of anticipation. It must be grand living there!

... and at each stile my heart expanded on to an open, vast, exciting, new view.

As soon as I entered the wood (quite difficultly actually, because the stile was really wonky!), a poor pheasant started screaming like crazy, running away from here...

... and immediately I raised my eyes and realized I was in the middle of an untouched path. Perhaps no one had walked along it for a long time...

I standed still for quite a while, observing all around me with eyes of wonder and gratitude. My mind was silent, my heart at peace with the same peace of that place. As soon as I slowly started moving, the handsome, feathered guy started screaming again, this time launching himself in a spectacular flight across the vegetation, to reach the open fields nearby.
I decided to not disturb the fauna anylonger, and go back. 
While U- turning, I noticed the adjacent property's garden... with a white bench in it... ♡and wondered who sit down there and their feelings when doing so (and about living in such a paradise). I dreamt of how that would have looked like when Spring was in full swing. I may come back again.

A simple life, very little needs, living close to Nature, and learning from it, savoring the little things, soaking up the beauty and the silence, and being grateful for and inspired by everything. That's my kind of Heaven on Earth!
Monica x


Deb said…
mine too!
such treasures ♥
Lorrie said…
One of my hopes is to someday wander along England's pathways, just as you've shown here. Beautiful to be outdoors.
Jillayne said…
And a very beautiful heaven on earth it is - I remember those country rambles and miss them so... your posts are always bittersweet for me Monica... it is Spring, and I am longing for England!
Jenni said…
Such beautiful walks and lovely weather you've had, England is so beautiful and I'm happy you share it here with us. In the u.s. it's been such a long winter for some reason but we are finally catching glimpses of nice weather and spring flowers :)
Alice Reuther said…
You have left me speechless.... I can barely say: beautiful!
Yes indeed, getting out and about in Nature and soaking up the beauty of your surroundings sure does help to clear the mind and refresh the soul. Best wishes, Tammy