Call for Leslee!!!

Leslee, if you are reading, can you get in contact with me again, please?
Your email address you typed in my contact form is not correct, and I have no way to respond!! xo


Beverly said…
Not Leslee, but sending you love and wishes for a wonderful holiday season.
What a dear comment on Jennies blog.
Monica I am not Leslee..But I want to wish you peace and health and love this holiday season..and for this new year coming up.
Talnet and have already dear Monica.
talent..I mean talent..doesn't hurt to tell you more than once:)
Monica said…
you are really kind and nice! I feel it's just a huge "gift", but I really appreciate your words. Hope you'll pop by my new blog sometimes :) Sending hugs back and well wishes too!
Monica said…
you are a darling,and I send them back to you, too!