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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thinking Valentine's Day #4

After I started making wreaths with twigs last December, I just had to challenge myself and make heart- shaped ones for Valentine's Day!!
Here's the result... I am in ♥

Wanna know my secret? ;))

I cut it, removed the hook and made a heart with the help of pliers. I secured it with thinner florist wire, then started making a circle with my twigs, I 'pinned' in the centre of the heart and on its tip with other twigs. Then proceeded like I did for the round wreaths. This additional step helped me to work freely without the twigs slipping out of my hands.

I cannot say this is simple for a beginner crafter, but it's totally doable with a bit of practice. When harvesting twigs, be sure to choose the smaller ones, which are the most flexible.

... Isn't it awesome to make things from scratch?
Monica x