Silence the noise.

I’m sure you’ve had this experience, too. Sometimes there’s a lot of noise outside, that drives me crazy, and seems to never end. No matter how hard I try to avoid it, it follows me wherever I go. In those moments, my perception is kind of "muffled", and I can’t hear myself clear enough.

Actually, no matter the environment where you live, the noise is in your head, and it's caused by your thoughts. The more you resist the noise- focusing your attention to it- the more it increases.

Differently from years ago, I'm now aware of the noise when it's there. Because generally there is a lot of silence in my head- and when there isn't... well, I notice it! :) And when that noise drives me crazy, my one and only desire is to recreate the silence inside, where I can feel God, Spirit, the Universe. Where I'm aware the source of all my power is. Where I feel at peace and invincible. Where I can distinctly feel my centre, my heart, and the love in my heart. Where I'm fully conscious. Where my life proceeds by synchronicity and I notice it. Where I know what I'm doing and why.
Truth is, when there's a lot of noise in your head, you can't be aware of any of these things.

When I reach a certain level of stress because of the noise, I’m invariably and instinctively guided to make choices that are better for myself than those I’m currently making. The inspiration/guidance I feel coming from my Soul always is- no exception- to turn inwards and away from the external world. The guidance of my Soul is always to shut the door of the senses (on the so- called 3D reality), and focus all my energy and attention to the spiritual world. No surprise, the first intuition I get is always to regain connection with my heart/centre through meditation. 

It could be the nudge to meditate instead of doing something else when the house is quiet, even if my to do list is long and I could take advantage of those moments of solitude to be more productive.
Or to find a comfortable position on a bench or sitting on the grass when I’m at the park, close my eyes, and tune in to my breath, and find that still space between thoughts.
It may be to take a break from social media (or quit them altogether), turn comments off, not respond to comments (for how "wrong" or "uncaring" it may sound), work offline, limit the time I stay online, - and just focus on myself- not on others and what they’re doing or saying.
It may be to stop engaging my energy with certain people, or sensing I have to cut them out of my life. It may be the desire to hang out with other people more, stop frequenting certain places, or go in a different time of the day or day of the week (when they’re less crowded).
It may be to journal, or to stop journaling and reading instead and put myself in "listening mode". Journaling is great, but at times you’re so caught up in the action (venting, letting things out, acting) that you completely miss out the listening part.
It always is to go out in nature for a walk or run- and contemplate for the sake of contemplating. I may contemplate the sky, a tree, a flower, a blade of grass, an animal, architectural elements, a color combination, a person, people interacting, my life circumstances- with no need to judge them or do anything in particular... I just observe.
It could be to stop listening to certain music that activates in me strong emotional responses- as well as unfollowing people online that cause in me the same strong reactions. I don’t watch tv anymore, but you may be guided to be mindful about what you feed your consciousness with in front of a tv (news included).
It may be decluttering or tidying up my living space, or/and removing or throwing away certain objects from it, that cause me a conscious or unconscious reaction to them.

And before long, the silence is there again. And so is my power.

Monica xoxo