How to Start a Journaling Practice and Stick to It

Journaling has had a huge role in my personal development.

It raised my awareness about myself and my life considerably. It helped me heal physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It helped me to change habits, remove unwanted patterns, and to become a better me. Ultimately, it made me much happier and serene.

While you can’t fight against an unknown enemy, you can’t remove from your life (ego) patterns you’re not aware of, the moment you get clear enough to identify them, you can definitely work at uprooting them from your experience.
Journaling has helped me a lot to understand what was going on in my life by simply putting my feelings and emotions and thoughts and intuitions on paper. I’ve sent my wildest dreams out there in the universe, dreamt out loud, and did lots of metaphysical work in my journals. Their pages are full of love, gratitude, enlightening epiphanies, fun and laughter- and yes, also anger, doubt, complaints, lots of pain, stress, and frustration.
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