I'm Giving Myself Permission

I'm giving myself permission to do my own thing, and walk at my own pace.

I'm giving myself permission to have a website that has an "under construction" disclaimer on the front, AND an active blog at the same time.

I'm giving myself permission to do whatever gives me the utmost JOY without thinking. Like using pictures I have to illustrate my posts, for example. Like writing short posts sandwiched between longer ones if I desire to do so, for example. Who tells that posts have to be of a certain length? For sure I've cleared that belief out of my consciousness.

I'm giving myself permission to explore social media, play a bit, and then decide by the way I feel doing it, if to continue or not. If I never try, I can't know how I feel for sure. AND I'm definitely giving myself permission to choose ONLY what makes me feel great and awesome and full of JOY and wonder and light and free. What makes me feel enthusiast and passionate- not what drags me down.

I'm giving myself permission to put out there just crumbs of my work. A teeny, tiny bit at a time.

For the past few years- since I became aware of that- I've been working at healing my issues with power I didn't even know I had. I've been working and working at healing them, and I can tell you, I feel I'm on the other side now. I've healed. But, as I know our ego, the clever saboteur that wants to keep us safe at all costs, I'm giving myself permission to walk slowly- slowly. So that what I do doesn't scare the hell out of me again.

I'm proceeding step by (inspired) step towards my goal/s, and watching with excitement what happens.

Monica xoxo