Do Little Things with Great Love

My Mom doesn't understand why on earth I waste so much time doing cakes like these.

Well, I'm going to explain her here, so that you may hear, too :)

I'm not doing it in order for the result to be perfect. Long gone are my (very stressful, very overwhelming, very I-don't-surely-love-myself-enough, very unuseful) days as a perfectionist.

I do it for the process.

I do it mindfully- being present, focused on what I'm doing. Training my mind to stay here and now and not go to any to- do list or worry or concern or whatever whatever.

I do it with all my love and care. I just put my heart and soul into it, to in the end see what comes out.

I don't plan it. I go with the flow. I love this feeling of being in creative unity with the Universe that flows and flows and never worries about anything not coming out perfect.

I do it to elevate and celebrate the ordinary. Because it is a gift that almost always we take for granted.

I do it as an act of self-care, and ultimately self- love.

I do it as an act of service, to share my JOY and love with those who will taste it. I do it because I can't wait to see the sparkle in their eyes when they will see it and eat it.

I do it because it makes me so darn happy.

I do it because I love Beauty. I do it because I'm an Artist through and through.

I do it because the pleasure I feel when eating it is much, much more if I can feel the love and care with which it has been made.

I do it appreciating and being thankful and just vibrating high.

I do it to express myself.

That's why it is so good, in the end! :)

Monica xoxo


It's me said…
Yammie...happy weekend love Ria πŸ’•πŸŒΊπŸŒΈ