Hello December, and a Gift From the Universe

December is here, and all I want to do is having fun!
Let me be clear about this- so that this post could be of greater help.

It's not that my life is perfect: it's perfect the way it is and I've stopped judging it.

Yes, there are some things that I would like to be different, and yes, I also shed lots of tears often for a part of my life I don't want to speak about (no worries, I'm well and God/The Universe/ Spirit/ my Soul is taking care of what I can't take care of, so I'm definitely in good hands! :)).
But as for now, I've decided to focus on what I have and make the most of it.

Comes December, of course I want to make a new wreath for the door! :)
Days ago- or even weeks- I had gathered some twigs at the park. It wasn't my intention to go out searching for them- but they happened to cross my path (after storms there were quite a lot on the ground) and I saw their creative potential... and so a huge buch came home with me.
So yesterday, I decided to make a wreath and they came to mind. I used just twine to secure the twigs, adding more and more layers gradually, and then I finished it off with a lovely felt robin (from IKEA) and some baker's twine. All of our decor this year is like this- I love to have everything coordinated whenever possible. 

Creating makes me happier than I can tell... for JOY alone. For the JOY of the process more than the outcome.
And I really like keeping myself happy!

And now, about the door I've used for styling. This awesome, gray, weathered door that makes my heart soar!

I really, really wanted an old, weathered door, with chippy paint- I even thought that it would have been really pretty if it was gray(!!!)- for my photography and styling. I intended to go out and buy it somewhere- I had no idea where to look for it, and was determined to start going to flea markets and the like to see if I could find one. Even a simple piece of wood would have been great.
I went to a couple markets, but couldn't find it.

Then one day, in November, I was strolling down the road and what do I see? This amazing, just perfect door by the roadside to be thrown away! My heart skipped a beat and the first thing I thought was " THANK YOU (GOD/UNIVERSE)!!!!". Because I instantly recognized it was a gift for me from above.

I didn't want to take it without seeing if it really was garbage- but there seemed to be nobody there. I waited, and after a while a lady came out of the adjacent door and I approached her. She was super kind and more than happy for me to take it (she even offered me other old and chippy doors! I joked I could start a business selling them LOL). A shop owner I know was so kind to keep it for me overnight, so that I could pop by next day with my car and bring it home. Wasn't he sweet?

I walked away in a state of radiance. Truly. I could illuminate the whole Country with all the love and gratitude and excitement and light that were overflowing from my heart.  What was filling my mind and soul was an enormous gratitude for this awesome Universe, and the profound sense of knowing that I'm deeply loved and taken care of.

And that as I am very generous, the Universe is always very generous with me. You get what you give (with a pure heart)- always.

Of course, I know and feel deep this Truth in my heart, and I expect it to be so.

I just love this abundance, it keeps showing up in my life in such mysterious ways. And now,  differently from just a bunch of years ago, I'm ready and grateful and excited and eager to receive it with open arms.

Monica xoxo


Lisa said…
Beautiful wreath! Now I know what I'm going to do during a break in the rain... go gather up the sticks all over the yard! I have some of that pretty baker's twine already.
Thanks for sharing!
Que linda historia navideña! gracias por compartirla! Yo estoy segura que cada uno tenemos un ángel que nos cuida, el tuyo es realmente muy bueno. Feliz semana.
It's me said…
Happy december !!🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄 love Ria x ❤️
Tamara said…
so very pretty! I love gathering twigs. wishing you a beautiful and blessed December.
Love and hugs.