Natural Winter Decor and Creating JOY

While I have lots of deep and poignant posts coming up next, a part of my blog is devoted to show you how I create (and feel) JOY in my own life. And so I’m devoting most of my blogging time this Advent season to focus on creativity.

I have made all of these arrangements with foraged elements (except the red roses) and things I had at home. The candles are homemade, too (you can find the tutorial here).

A note that is important to add here is that all of these have been made totally spontaneously, going with the flow, without plans or any preconceived idea about the final result. This enhances the JOY tremendously, and there is absolutely no overwhelm nor stress in the process (this applies to everything in life… just sayin’!).

Overthinking creates turbulence in our mind and consciousness.

Stop overthinking everything for the fear of it not coming out as you desire- and express yourself freely and just have fun!

If you do so, I promise you will feel the JOY (and you will also be extremely satisfied with what you create!).

You don’t have to impress anyone nor prove your worth. Stop comparing your work or anything you do or about yourself with others: that is the greatest killer of JOY- ever.




Go grab some natural elements in your surroundings, and have fun!

(Maybe one day we will make them together, sitting on a shabby wooden table over inspiring chats, coffee, and cake- I’ve sent my wish out to Santa, already! :) There’s no end to the magic of this abundant, awesome Universe…).

Monica xoxo


It's me said…
Like decorating this season...🎄🎄🎄 wonderful time love Ria x 💕
Monica said…
Thank you for your continued support over the years, Ria.
Much love to u!