Stay Joyous

This post goes hand in hand with the previous one about pain.

Giving yourself permission to feel all of your pain deeply, doesn not at all mean to be swallowed up by that pain. It means just feeling it, letting it do its healing work, and then let it go.
And while it may seem impossible to you to be able to feel deep, almost unbearable pain and the deepest, most expansive and unbelievably immense JOY in all the cells of your body and every corner of your being literally at the same time, I am living proof that this is indeed possible.
I have chosen this selfie from Summer 2016 for a reason. I was going through the hardest time of my life, knee deep into spiritual awakening/ ascension stuff, and I was so unbelievably serene, peaceful, and happy. I was feeling the most intense pain I have ever felt in my life, yet I was this peaceful. My mind was quiet, my heart opening up at the speed of light.
It was surreal for me to witness, as an outer observer of myself.

This is what we are required to do in this crucial phase of human history. Not disregard our pain, our wounds, our suffering (and the world’s suffering at large- that is), but go deep into healing. Use that bittersweet awareness to heal.

And heal ourselves first is mandatory in order to heal the world. You just can’t go out there as a wounded female (or male) and think you’re going to have an impact of any sort. You must work at your own stuff first (hence, feeling all of your pain, letting it flow through your body until you’ve gotten the reason why pain exists and you’ve learnt the lessons you’ve got to learn).
But then, move on. Don’t stay in that pain. Don’t keep it in the present (the Now is your point of Power).

Move on in JOY. Do whatever it takes to stay in that JOY. Including letting go of the pain. Yup, possibly the most rebellious choice you can make in this society we live in.

Let’s change this world one joyous choice at a time.

Yes. We have this power.

Monica xoxo