A New Twist


My Amaryllis have kept me company all over the Holidays.

I have bought several bulbs over the past two months (red, white, and pink), and differently from usual, I haven’t gotten cut Amaryllis this year. Just bulbs.

I can report they’ve enlivened the house, and given us so much JOY at Christmastime, and they’re still blooming profusely. I also keep one on my art table, together with white hyacinths and a tiny pine tree, and I can’t describe my happiness when I sit there to work.

I just love the simplicity of natural decor, and I’m drawn to it more and more. 

This year, I purposefully haven’t decorated the house if not with natural elements, handmade dolls, candles and lanterns, fairy lights, and two real Christmas trees. One of them decorated the Scandi way with a very limited amout of ornaments (all new, I didn’t want to use any old one), and the other one, with just a white, handmade angel gifted me yars ago by a dear friend at the top, and twinkling fairy lights.

I love that when my Aunt and cousin came to visit before Christmas, they commented how much they adored my “minimalist” trees! :) Let’s tell about dreams coming true (= me becoming minimalist! hahaha, if you would have told me just a bunch of years ago, I would have laughed in your face, for how attached to and wounded by my “stuff” I was ).

But you see? We can change for the better. Boy if we can. I’m living proof of that, and I will never cease to encourage others in their own pursuits to change.
Because the truth is… it feels good to acknowledge how much we have changed. How far we’ve come. Really, really, really good.
Perhaps it’s scary and uncomfortable for others to see us change so much- but I believe we are here to grow. Not to remain the same for a lifetime.

Personal growth excites me an awful lot. Remaining the same… not at all.

Monica xoxo


It's me said…
Beautiful ....happy new year Monica...love from ne Ria 💕💕💕