Thanks for your interest in my work!
My art and photography are licensed through 
Linda McDonald, Inc.
(704) 370- 0057

I currently license my work to several companies. Here's just a sneak peek of some of the ways my artwork and photography are being used:

DEMDACO Silvestri!:
"Warm and Cozy Collection" by Monica Sabolla Gruppo
(includes several pieces other than those featured here)

Launched January 2014. Wholesale available, if you are a retailer please contact your local DEMDACO distributor. If you're a customer, these products will be in stores in time for Christmas 2014.

Greeting cards by Monica Sabolla Gruppo
Spring 2014, Currently available through Legacy Publishing and local retailers.

"Baby Bling Collection"
Currently available through Kurt Adler.

LPG Greetings:
Assorted greeting cards by Monica Sabolla Gruppo available through LPG Greetings and local retailers.