June 22, 2024


Today quite an interesting thing happened.

I was cleaning some corners of our home and I felt a deep and strong desire for less stuff, in order to clean easily and effortlessly.

I knew I was ready for yet another round of decluttering, and all of a sudden and out of the blue it came to me that I could use this old blog of mine as my personal diary to keep myself inspired and motivated, to build momentum and document my progress and healing of this area of my life.

And this is precisely what I decided to do.

I crave more ease... more breathing space... more lightness... more freedom. 

More time and space and energy to do all the things that I LOVE doing and that my Soul desperately needs. And yes, it's OK to take care of the house, clean and tidy up and make it a comforting nest- I love that, don't get me wrong! But I want to be able to simplify in order to do it easily, without having to use all my time and energy! I want plenty of them for the rest that I really want to do and that nourishes me at a deep level. 

If you're in the same boat, let's inspire each other and do this together!

Monica xoxo

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