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{Inspiration for you}

There is always, always something to be grateful for... even during the darkest times.

The fact is that, as humans, we tend to take everything in this life for granted. For sure, I have done that many times, and if I'm not vigilant and work to stay awake, it's easy to be caught up in victimhood mentality and not be really grateful for what I have.

Just last year, during an intense period of inner growth, I started being really grateful. I mean- truly. And the moment I felt that type of gratitude, right then and there I realized that what I had thought previously was gratitude, was not. It was superficial. It was not felt in all the fibers of my being. It didn't make me vibrate at just the thought of what I was grateful for. And most of all, was not unconditional. I needed a "condition" that made me feel good in order to feel grateful.

There are so many layers of our emotions and feelings in this human experience, and most times we give ourselves permission to …

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