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Pain at Christmas and During the Holidays

Christmas and the Holidays can be either the most magical time of year or your worst nightmare.

We all know that. I believe that there’s hardly any human that has not experienced pain during the holidays, for different reasons- but after all, always the same. Lack of love, of a dear one, of money- hence of possibilities- of health, of freedom, of peace.

Many, many people are not happy at Christmastime. And in a world that promotes the idea of needing to be merry and happy during the Holidays and show it (just think of commercials, ads, movies and social media), feeling bad or in pain may really feel like being really, really wrong.

If you’re reading this and you’re suffering, I give you permission to be sad. To feel all of your pain. The depths of it. Truth is, you cannot escape the pain- if it’s there, it means there is something in you that needs to be healed. And that pain that you’re feeling, while not pleasant at all, is an opportunity for healing and transformation. Fo…

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