August 17, 2023

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For me, the secret for a happy, effortless and fulfilling life is very simple.

Simplify as much as you can. Find all the possible ways to do more of what you love, and less of what you don't love.

That's it. 

Monica xoxo

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August 14, 2023

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One of the things that has hugely contributed to simplify my life is learning to say "no". One thing are life responsibilities and necessities, but what about all the rest?

I want to feel joyful, lighthearted, free and inspired, and so several years ago I consciously and deliberately decided to stop saying yes to what didn't inspire me, made me feel great, and I really wanted to do.

If I really want to do something, then fantastic! But other than that, I have learned to say no to invitations, to friends, to relatives, boring phone calls, business opportunities, social media, and to basically anything that could take away from me precious time and space for my own self-care and soul nourishment. Those are the things that more than anything else make me feel great and full of energy and inspiration- and give me deep JOY-so I started saying yes to those, and no to all the rest. 

Instead of filling my days with unnecessary and uninspiring activities, I prefer to spend my time doing well the work that I adore doing, taking care of myself, resting, napping, going out in Nature, walking, exploring, creating, writing, reading, meditating, journaling, dreaming, cooking, tending to my home with love, spending time with people I adore to spend time with.

If you feel like you don't have the time for what you really want to do, and you often feel obligated, start saying no to parties, meetings, invitations to go out with somebody you don't feel excited to spend time with. Say no to everything that is uninspiring, and to all unnecessary activities. Declutter your days and your to-do list. 

This is something that will greatly enhance the quality of your life.

Try your hand.

Monica xoxo
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August 5, 2023

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For several years now, since 2009, I have been on a quest to simplify my life. 

What I've lerned along the way, after lots of experimentation and trial and error, is that in order to simplify, you have to actually.... simplify

Reduce quantities. Own less. Do less. Want less. Need less. Uncomplicate the complicated. 

That's it.

I have had a great deal of success with this philosophy in my personal life, and I'm always looking for new ways to create more ease, more lightness, more freedom for myself. And ultimately, more peace, JOY and abundance. 

There is so much JOY in simplicity, in being able to breathe in a world that holds its breath.

I am on this path, and I couldn't be more excited for that!

You with me?

Monica xoxo

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August 1, 2023

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I have been on a mission to simplify my life more and more fully for years now- and I have succeeded in that, I have simplified it tremendously in ways I didn't even believe were possible. 

But I always feel a deep desire in my heart for even more freedom, more lightness, more simplicity. 

And so, a couple years ago, I decided that my wardrobe was way too full for my taste (after having massively and intentionally reduced its size when I moved back from England a few years ago), and I noticed that in a way or another, I was always tempted by the gorgeous and fancy Italian shops to buy new things- so I decided to stop bringing in new stuff. 

I decided deliberately to not follow the route of a shopping ban, of deprivation, but just make use of my intention, and see what happened.

The result? I haven't bought a single piece of clothing or accessory (shoes, bags, jewelry, sunglasses, etc.) in over two years now! And actually, at the end of 2020 I just bought three t-shirts and 5 new panties, and that's it. I haven't felt deprived at all. On the contrary, I felt really free, happy, satisfied, abundant, and that I had conquered myself. 

Because of this experience, I now feel more powerful than ever... and I'm still madly in love with my wardrobe! I don't have plans to buy anything new as for now, but of course I'm open to add a few pieces here and there with intention if my heart guides me in that direction.

If you have a problem with constantly buying new clothes or accessories, or would like to move towards a simpler life, and you haven't succeeded with the deprivation method, then try with mindfulness and intention. "Tomorrow is another day, but as for now, I'm not going to buy this because I don't need it, and I desire a tidy and decluttered wardrobe and life".

And see what happens.

Monica xoxo

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July 30, 2023

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It has been such a long time since I last posted on this blog... And now, out of the blue and all of a sudden, I felt a sweet desire to come back. It took me literally two seconds to decide to once again follow my heart and say "YES!" to the Universe, yes to my Soul. And here I am. I have absolutely no idea what to write about, since I still have my other blog on my website, but as usual, I'll go with the flow.

I took this picture last month while I was doing a little picnic and photoshoot in the garden with my planner and journal, enjoying the Summer light and my handmade quilt. Looking at this picture now, it seems to me that it's from a lifetime ago.

In fact, I've been extraordinarily active this past Winter, Spring and Summer- acting upon a powerful and steady inspiration. I have been doing a lot of work as of late- inner work, outer work. Work for my wellbeing, work for my creative business, work for my home, work for my happiness. Work that my future self will be very grateful for. I've been decluttering my mind, my heart, my studio, my wardrobe, my home, my days. I will certainly tell you in other posts about all these things.

I've also decluttered this blog, as you can see! This new blog theme- so clean, so uncluttered- came to me synchronically, and of course, being deeply aware that it had everything to do with the deep desires in my heart for more ease and more simplicity, and all the momentum I have created in my life as of late, I instantly said "YES!" to it as well. And now my blog feels like a fresh, new journal, full of exciting possibilities.

As for now, I'm just enjoying this satisfying and happy feeling of a new beginning... and I will be with you again very soon.

Until next time,

Monica xoxo
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