Saturday, December 18, 2010

Icy Wreath Tutorial.

As my icy wreath in a previous post sparked the interest of some of you, I thought I might prepare a tutorial. It's super easy and fast to make... you just need to be patient while it's in the freezer!

There's still time to make one to amaze your guests! You can prepare it in advance (with your children too!), but be sure not to display it until Christmas day because, obviously... it tends to melt!;))

For my ice wreath this year I used  natural elements and greenery from the garden, burlap and twine, and a few tiny glass baubles.  But you can use whatever you want! Any combination will be stunning- I promise!


Should you fancy, you can display it as an outdoor centerpiece... I tried to use it indoors but it melts too quickly, so I don't recomment that to avoid annoying mess when your guests arrive :(

Here we go with the simple instructions for the one featured here. 
1. Gather your supplies: small pinecones, cinnamon sticks, star anise, acorns, fir branches, and a circular shaped mold with a hole in the middle.

2. Put the pinecones, cinnamon sticks, etc in the mold, alternating them a bit.

3. Cover with fir branches.

4. Fill in with water.

5. As the small elements tend to float around, try to insert them underneath the fir.

6. Put in the freezer overnight.
7. Put the mold under water to extract the icy wreath, put a string to hang it and embellish with ribbons, fir branches,...
8. Enjoy the cheer it spreads while it's snowing! And please, please, please!!!!!! Let me see your own!:))
Monica x