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{Authentic, Conscious Living} A Decade of ONE LITTLE WORD-s

2009 Simplify

2010 Relax

2011 Expand

2012 Bloom

2013 Move

2014 Welcome

2015 JOY

2016 Light

2017 Love

2018 Miracle
As January starts off, I feel guided by my Soul to write about the one little word I use as a guiding word for the year ahead. I can already see, even after just a sentence, how healing and enlightening this can be for myself and others. I realized after compiling the list above, that it’s a whole decade, and no surprise, the decade of my spiritual awakening.

I discovered the concept of OLW (One Little Word) back in 2008, when I started blogging- many people I came across were choosing a single word to guide them throughout the year, like an intention, instead of resolutions (both concepts I was not familiar with at the time). I felt a strong pull, and I chose a word myself. So back in January 2009, I asked “SIMPLIFY” to come into my life (and even though I didn’t know back then, that was about to throw me head- first into an unplanned healing journey).

* No…

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