Saturday, December 8, 2012

Creative Christmas #7- Wrapping Green.

My longstanding followers and readers know that I love everything natural and green- in this post I'm showing you some eco- wrapping ideas.
For all of the following packages, you'll just need a limited array of tools and supplies:
- Kraft paper
- Twine
- Adhesive tape (preferably paper)
- Burlap or jute ribbons
- Greenery, pinecones, berries, you could gather while taking a tonic stroll in the countryside on a crisp winter's morning! This would surely add to the pleasure of crafting green :)
- Little embellishments (rusty bells, wooden hearts, clay stars or tags, etc.)
- Scissors
- Hot glue and gun (to glue the pinecones in place)
As these wraps are super easy to make, I'll let my images speak for themselves.

See my free tutorial for clay tags here.

Mmmm, this package radiates a delightful, intoxicating scent!

Love these hearts I bought at the craft store!

Add a pop of red with Nandina berries.

Why don't you pair your gift with a bunch of fresh greenery?

I'm pretty sure the recipients of these gifts will be delighted to receive them as much as you'll be wrapping them!
Monica x


Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

Monica, I love this beautiful natural relaxed look! It is stunning!

Rosalie said...

Das sind ganz zauberhaft-natürliche Verpackungen. Sehr schön!
Hab einen wunderschönen zweiten Advent
Fröhlichverschneite Rosaliegrüße

Kodinhenki said...

Simple and natural, yet soooooo beautiful!!!

Shabby soul said...

All stunning! Thank you for share!

It's me said...

Love it !!..warm hugs for you and

La Table De Nana said...

Happy Holidays dear Monica~
Your gifts are lovely..

Glenda/MidSouth said...

So Pretty! Who wouldn't like receiving a package wrapped so pretty!!
Hope you are doing well, and enjoying your weekend.
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. I have a hard time photographing a lit tree - need to practice more. :D

Christine said...

so beautiful...

Petite Michelle Louise said...

ummmmm..i'll take them all sil vous plait!! ;)

NanaDiana said...

I love the sweet simplicity of that packaging. It is just beautiful- xo Diana

Romeo said...

Purrfection! I have been dragging my feet and really need to get those presents wrapped. Thank you for providing a much needed moment of inspiration!!!! Now if I can just get them to look half as good as yours ;)


"her" and Romeo

SueAnn Lommler said...

They are all so beautiful!! Love the clay tags!

Shabby chic Sandy said...

Love your wrap jobs--I am going in this direction this year too. Love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

poppilinnstudios said...

Just beautiful!

Art and Sand said...

What wonderful inspiration you have given me. I love using butcher paper for wrapping and I have lots of different twines around. I hope mine turn out as great as yours.

Dorthe said...

So wonderfully packed all, dear Monica,-stunning with the red berries, -the greens and whites, and all the nature elements...all so simple, yet elegant and beautiful.
Love it!

kathy b said...

Youve inspried me. IVe come from Merediths Blog...
NEXT years resolutionS: include:

No more store bought wrapping paper...
Green wrapping it is.

Diane said...

Simply lovely. I shared your lovely gift wrapping ideas on my blog.
Diane from The Old Barn blog

J. Elias said...

There is a person on Pinterest posting tons of your images with only a link back to her own board; very frustrating! I am glad you put your name on your images because I was finally able to find this page! Beautiful ideas, thank you so much!

(board in question:

Monica said...

THANK YOU so much for letting me know! I even DON'T ALLOW PINNING! That's so crazy, she says contact me if proper credit hasn't been given, but there's no way to contact her anyway:)