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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come Flea with Me...

Should you fancy to come with me, I'd bring you to an Italian flea market. Yay!
Religious items are very popular in Italy...

and so are Capodimonte roses. Blue roses are pretty rare around here, and I like it when I find one.

Loved this pink rosary, I still cannot believe I didn't purchase it!! ... what I was thinking??

Objects made of iron abound over here... but they're a little heavy to bring home in a suitcase!LOL

Better to purchase vintage linens and bedspreads, baby bonnets and doilies, and small silver objects.

I am lucky to own my Great Grandmother iron similar to these...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw this white birdcage!! 

These chairs were only 15 euros each ($20; £13)... I bet they'd look tres chic with a coat of white paint, and re-upholstered! 

Look at the sewing machine! 

And this is my favorite vintage postcard supplier! 

Hope you enjoyed the stroll!
Monica x.