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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New (Published) Creations in White!

For White Wednesday, I'm delighted to share with you my heart-shaped door hangers, made with antique linen, lace and vintage keys! Actually, I made these back in February when Beth Livesay, the amazing Editor behind Somerset Home and other stunning Stampington publications, asked me if I could contribute to the new issue of Home
I haven't received my copy of the magazine yet, but I know my article is in there and some of you already saw it! Thanks for telling me!

I made reversible coffee-stained and rubber stamped tags to embellish the hearts- and make them useful too! When I need to be quiet in my studio, I'll display this one... 

These are meant for the bedrooms, and I made similar ones for other doors around my home. Find them in the magazine!

Hope you'll drop by Kathleen's blog to see other fantastic whites today! Happy Wednesday everyone!
Monica x

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Just Me.

Yesterday I played with my camera, and took some self-potraits... 
Just to be a little more chatty, I'm going to share with you ten things about me :)

1- I can make real mess in the house in a jiffy (I call it 'creative chaos'), but I am equally fast in making a picture-perfect home!

2-I have a ton of notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, organizers chock-full of ideas, drawings and to-do-lists. If I don't write it down, an idea can drive me crazy! And I often get up in the middle of the night to sketch or write down something, without even turning the light on. Ugh.

3- My favorite shoes are flats and Timberland, but I can wear very high heels if necessary.

4- What I'd like to do is grocery shopping with a pretty fabric-covered basket without people looking at me like I am from Mars.

5- I can't live without flowers, and I firmly believe in their comforting, uplifting power.

6- My favorite food? Veggies (any type) and pizza. When I travel, I always love to eat grilled salmon. I think I have eaten salmon nearly all times I've been out for dinner. Why? No idea, love it!

7- I love silence. No music, no tv. I love to listen to my thoughts. I love to hear Nature's songs. Rarely, I listen to very soft music while I'm working or doing chores, but I prefer total silence. On Christmastime, though, I love having carols playing!

8- I dream of a zen home. On the contrary, I'm a 'pyramid-maker', as my hubby uses to define me. I can pile up an incredible amount of stuff with a great sense of balance. LOL. And naturally, I'm always looking out for something I've lost... :(

9- I'm a very good cook, but don't let me grill meat-you would end up eating meat as hard as rock!

10- I can lose track of the time in a bookstore, and I never come out empty-handed. And I looove to give and receive books (also used and old, I don't mind) as presents.

Have a great week everyone! 
Monica x.

Friday, August 6, 2010

My Favorite "Pinkie"!

'Doggie cuteness' today, for Pink Saturday... my furry girl definitely is my favorite Pinkie ;)))
I've been presented these beautiful surfinias, I simply adore their shade of pink! And Kim too! She especially loves this sunny spot in the garden.
Enjoying some well deserved rest... zzz... 

... Who? Me?

Thank you for all your beautiful and sweet words about my Artful Blogging article. I feel very blessed by your presence and support!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Monica x.

Monday, August 2, 2010

On The Cover!

Update: You can read the article here.
Some time ago, I was approached by the lovely Managing Editor of Artful Blogging, Jennifer Jackson, who gave me the opportunity of being featured in their stunning magazine.
I obviously accepted, but I was not prepared to such an amazing feature! And... my heart skipped a couple of beats when I spotted my coffee-stained clothespins on the cover!

Jennifer chose fabulous photographs to sum me up-  I couldn't have done it better myself ! If you are reading... thank you from the bottom of my heart, Jennifer! You made me smile, oh, SO BIG. Love working with the team at Stampington- such a great experience each and every time. 

Blogging surely is a powerful tool, it challenges me to fly higher... If you want to spread your wings, I cannot encourage you enough to start your own online journal, and to be part of this amazing community of kindred spirits. 
I put my heart into this article, hope you'll have the chance to read it.

And I meant to say, in the last page of the magazine, another Stampington publication I simply adore, Green Craft, is advertised with the feature of my woolen wreaths (wink wink).

Hope your week is off to a great start, too!
Monica x.