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Monday, November 19, 2012

Creative Christmas #2: Upcycled Yogurt Jars.

*Update #2* in the US, looks like you have Spega yogurt, in the UK, try Loseley. Hope this helps!*  
**Update: I hadn't realized all of you across the pond aren't able to find yoghurt in glass containers! :( It's usually the organic variety- but in any case, in the past I have also used baby food little jars to make these tealight holders!***

I love candles and lanterns. So very much. I must admit I have lots of them purchased over the years or been given as gift, and naturally, I like creating my own, too! :)
Eating yogurth nearly every day, I often have on hand several cute little glass jars. They have many creative uses... Turning them into tea light holders just takes a few minutes.

The longer part is to create the clay stars- follow my free tutorial for clay tags here.
Then you just have to wrap the jar in twine, tie a knot, add a star, secure with another knot or bow and put a tea light inside. Super easy and quick!

You may consider giving them as gifts this year, or decorate just about every corner of your home or garden on a budget! Adding a wire handle, they can be hung too.

Monica x