July 4, 2024

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Dear friends and readers, as I told you in my previous post, I decided to keep track of my progress on my blog... and so, let's begin!

Since I've been working at simplifying my life for years now, and it would be way too complicated to share all that I've accomplished so far in just one post, today I feel inspired to simply record here my progress over the past two months.

I have been keeping a journal to document the process and track my progress, so it's definitely easy to recap here on my blog.

Since May 2024 I have:

1. Decluttered my wardrobe, and I felt SO inspired and felt such a strong momentum, that my Mom started decluttering hers, too! It's unbelieveable what we had kept- things belonged to at least 6 other family members and relatives (!!!). I felt SO light and free and liberated to have discarded all of that, and that my Mom finally agreed to let that weight go! I still cannot believe we ended up with about 30 garbage bags full of clothing and accessories, that I've taken to the recycling bins straight away.

2. Decluttered another closet full of my old work (lots of painted porcelain dishes and other things), and that allowed me to finally be able to move there all my sewing supplies, to have them handy. Previously I had placed them on top of my studio wardrobe, in vintage suitcases, and it was very hard to get to them!

3. Decluttered the kitchen from old accessories that were in bad conditions (but my Mom refused to let go of). I am amazed at the effects that my inspired actions had on her, too! This is the magic of this Universe- truly! :)

4. Got rid of unwanted pieces of jewelry I had been given by a friend over the years. Unfortunately, I didn't like them or wear them. I had been holding on to them for many years because of guilt... but now, they really had to go!

5. Decluttered my desk and drawers. I let go of the trays that I had bought to organize my stuff, and placed everything in individual plastic boxes with a lid, instead (from IKEA, got them in the kid section if you're interested). I labeled everything. I got rid of lots of stuff that was filling the drawers, and now they're almost empty. Aaahh, I love it!! (Finally I can open them and find immediately what I was looking for!).

6. Inspired by my progress, I have gone even further with my wardrobe decluttering, and got rid of other clothes I do not want to keep. Things that are perfectly fine and lovely, but I'm sure I'm not going to wear for one reason or another (too uncomfortable, colors I don't want to wear anymore, too large, too small, etc.).

7. Got rid of four HUGE piles of magazine clippings for collage that were laying on the floor. They had been there for about one year, I guess... I got rid of them, keeping only three IKEA plastic boxes (that I'm going to declutter even further soon).

8. Got rid of a large box of magazines I had kept for journaling.

9. Got rid of one large bag full of paper scraps that had been laying around for months!

This is it for today, I hope this inspires you to simplify your life, too! It feels soo good, I feel lighter as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders... and I can't wait to do more!

Until next time,

Much love,

Monica xoxo

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June 22, 2024

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Today quite an interesting thing happened.

I was cleaning some corners of our home and I felt a deep and strong desire for less stuff, in order to clean easily and effortlessly.

I knew I was ready for yet another round of decluttering, and all of a sudden and out of the blue it came to me that I could use this old blog of mine as my personal diary to keep myself inspired and motivated, to build momentum and document my progress and healing of this area of my life.

And this is precisely what I decided to do.

I crave more ease... more breathing space... more lightness... more freedom. 

More time and space and energy to do all the things that I LOVE doing and that my Soul desperately needs. And yes, it's OK to take care of the house, clean and tidy up and make it a comforting nest- I love that, don't get me wrong! But I want to be able to simplify in order to do it easily, without having to use all my time and energy! I want plenty of them for the rest that I really want to do and that nourishes me at a deep level. 

If you're in the same boat, let's inspire each other and do this together!

Monica xoxo

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